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Lighting Production

We offer a wide array of lighting fixtures to suit the style of your event.  This includes wash and effect lighting for a concert production, up-lighting for weddings and formal events, and projecting custom gobo images.  Please browse our entire lighting gallery for samples. Contact us with any questions about designing the look you want to attain. 

  • LED Up-lighting

  • Par 64/56/46/38 Fixtures

  • Source 4 Lekos

  • 360Q Lekos

  • Gobo Pattern Holders

  • Follow Spots

  • Portable Dimmer Packs

  • Sensor 24 Ch. 2.4k dimmer

  • Lighting Crank Stands

  • 6 Circuit Multi-Cable

  • 4/0 Feeder Cable

  • Break-ins/Break-outs

  • Snow Machine

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